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Breaking Barriers – Empowering You to Go Beyond!


At Breaking Barriers a company I’m currently advising we turn barriers into opportunities for personal growth & empowerment. We work with you, to explore, understand your thoughts, feelings and actions in order to turn blocks into opportunities for growth. We provide a range of services to help clients overcome their limitations and break their barriers to find a way forward.

At Breaking Barriers we are trained in the art of listening and have skills to help you explore your concerns, make sense of complex issues and clear the web of confusion to regain objectivity. We work with our clients as facilitators therefore it’s not suggestions and advices, the journey is about tapping strengths and choosing healthy options and enhancing decision making.

Breaking Barriers works with individuals, corporate houses and educational institutes and provide a wide range of services to enable our clients to overcome their barriers and achieve success in both their personal & professional lives.

For more details on How Breaking Barriers can support you as an individual, corporate or an educational institute please log on too

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Lighting Up Lives – Barefoot Power


Last year we at Ennovent invested in a company called Barefoot Power, which was recently covered by Mahindra Rise, excerpts given below.

Every year more than US$10 billion is spent each year on kerosene for lighting in the homes of the poor in developing countries. The light from kerosene burning is of poor quality, expensive and outright dangerous. Nearly 4 million suffer from severe burns from open fires and kerosene lighting each year. According to W.H.O. more than 1.6 million people die from indoor air pollution related diseases.

Barefoot Power began in 2005 when co-founders Stewart Craine and Harry Andrews saw the opportunity to reduce poverty in countries at the base of the economic pyramid (BoP) by providing communities with access to energy and, therefore, providing them with one of the necessary steps to eliminate poverty and propel economic development.

Barefoot Power’s innovation is in having an innovative grassroots level distribution system. They do this by providing technical training & business consulting to its partners, Barefoot Power empowers micro entrepreneurs, importers, dealers, NGOs and other players in the distribution chain. This support helps to build awareness and accessibility for the solar solutions ultimately, meeting its social objective to impact communities by supplying them with renewable, safe energy alternatives.

As part of the distribution chain, Barefoot Power has a network of “Service Centers” which provide certified technical support for importers, dealers and consumers. Access to this post sales service is instrumental in responding to the needs of Barefoot Power’s partners as well as acts as a localized source to honor warranty claims.

Read the complete post here

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Company Focus – Kleeto Document Management System


I recently caught up with Sunil Mahajan of Kleeto – a document management company.They target both individuals and organizations who find it difficult to manage and find their documents on time. Kleeto provides an effective solution where they secure, digitize and make all our documents accessible online through secure centralized access. While it looks good in theory does it actually work and why would folks like you and me actually risk our precious (non – replaceable docs) with a third party?

Sunil elaborates 3 top reasons, why customers today are choosing Kleeto:-


1. One of my main concerns of course revolved around the security of my documents. Sunil explained that they place utmost premium on security of the documents. Typically documents are constantly exposed to the various risks arising out of theft, fire, loss, memory, termites, dust, moisture and even kids at home. However Kleeto takes all the possible steps via a multiple level access control to prevent damage to those precious documents and stores them in an extremely secure environment with 24X7 monitoring.


2. One big hassle for all of us is finding the right documents just when you need them. Invariably we are always hunting for documents and draw blank when we really need them. With kleeto, you will not have to search in vain for a document anymore; just remembering your password will do. They pick up the documents from your home, index them for you, store them for you, scan them for you, retrieve them for you and deliver them to you whenever and wherever you need them.


3. Why is it smart? Because with Kleeto, all your documents are accessible anytime and virtually anywhere. Sharing documents can be done electronically; no need for photocopying or couriering anymore. Searching docs becomes a matter of seconds thanks to painstaking indexing, saving your precious time. Smartness translates to access with single view rather than running to different lockers/closets to just have a look at something as essential as your own documents – hmm this does make sense doesn’t it?

I think the true test for any service or product is when you have used it. So yes I signed up for the service a two weeks ago and I must say was pleasantly surprised with the my overall experience with Kleeto. Whether its the efficiency of the product i.e. online management tool from which you can monitor your documents and place service requests or the call center support and the efficiency with which the logistics are managed!

So whether you are an organization or an individual take a test drive with Kleeto and make your life a wee bit simpler :)

For more details you can visit their website –

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Company Focus: E Health Point India – Transforming Rural Healthcare!


One of the best things about my job is meeting passionate entrepreneurs!!! Top that up with entrepreneurs trying to make a difference and create sustainable impact at the BoP and you have individuals like Amit Jain – President & CEO – E Health Point India.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Amit close to two months ago and was completely blown away by the kind of work and more importantly the impact of their business.Amit who has more than 15 years experience in incubating & leading Social Marketing businesses in Rural India. And has previously established Health Products Social Marketing network across 50,000 villages at HLL Lifecare . He anchored Naandi Foundation Water business from inception to 600 units serving 3 million people in 2.5 years and worked as President & COO .

So what does E Healthpoint Services India do, its a a chain of rural healthcare clinics bringing rural villagers in India access to clean water, real doctors, approved drugs, and more than 60 diagnostic tests at prices well within their reach. The first clinics, or E Health Points, officially opened in Punjab in October 2009 and have already served more than 3,000 patients.

Check out the 3 minute video on the company….

They were recently adjudged as the winner in the recently concluded Sankalp 2011 Social Awards in the Health, Water and Sanitation category for Emerging Enterprises. You can check out more details on their site

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Beating All Odds – Samuel Mani


While I’ve had the privilege to meet and interact with several entrepreneurs. I have to recount my recent first meeting with Samuel Mani – who runs Neutron Computers a successful software and hardware solutions company. He is also the first and solo Microsoft authorized refurbish er. Essentially he refurbishes donated computers with Microsoft original software and makes them eligible to recipients at very low costs (which would be the cost of repairing those PCs). Its quite a noble model where he services not-for-profits, NGO’s and other academic institutes by giving them fully equipped PC’s with original Microsoft software at a minuscule cost!!!

But what makes Samuel’s story truly inspiring is that he is physically disable and is confined to a wheelchair. And yet he has worked relentlessly for over 10 long years to start, sustain and grow his business despite the innumerable obstacles.

While as entrepreneurs we all face challenges, his were of a different dimension altogether. A case in point was his inability to go on sales calls, or the effort it took him to convince companies of hiring him as a trusted vendor despite his physical disability. However Samuel never gave up & remained persistent in his goal by going after smaller clients at first like NGO’s, associations & smaller start-ups. Over the last 10 years he has built up an enviable track record and is even attracting debt capital to further scale his business and take it to new heights!!!

So yes entrepreneurship is tough there are huge sacrifices, but when you look at folks like Samuel you are simply moved by the extraordinary commitment & zeal displayed, the kind of stuff that world class entrepreneurs are made off!!!

Hats of to Samuel :)

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Cloud Computing – When are you making the shift?


I must confess while I’m no techie and typical tech jargon of coding,server’s, product enhancement etc don’t really get me up and excited. I do however love what technology can do for us and impact our lives.

Last week my good friend Rohit Luthra invited me to his office to check out his comprehensive IT computing infrastructure. While he has been in the business for over 15 years, what completely blew me away was the way his company is transforming and helping countless companies manage their IT infrastructure so efficiently via the power of cloud computing!

Latest trends in consolidation and optimization have led to on-demand computing environments. IT infrastructure provisioning turnaround times have been drastically reduced as a result of virtualization. Growing and releasing computing environments on demand is no longer an issue and companies are reducing their IT spends while increasing the power of their compute capabilities.

Computing environments can be further optimized to respond to on demand provisioning of computing, storage and data transfer requirements.

So in short if you want to experience 99.9% up time and need on demand IT infrastructure think of going on a cloud its cost effective, efficient and optimizes computing power to give you the best results :)

Check out the cloud computing services offered by Progression

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Company Focus – CoCubes Connecting colleges and companies online for Campus Recruitment- C


Harpreet Singh Grover and Vibhore Goyal established in 2007, to ease the troubles of job seekers across India. They provide an online platform for companies and training firms to engage with colleges and students, provide colleges the tools to manage and increase placement and are the place where student can find about the best job and how to get it!!”

The venture does not target the individual, but instead has a different modus operandi. Their method is mutually beneficial for the one seeking job and the company seeking an employee.

“They charge an annual fee for branding + hiring is free. They help large companies by bringing the entire campus recruitment process online for them; getting to know how many students are available, remaining in touch with those students till they join etc, a lot of things!!”

Cocubes has made remarkable progress in the last couple of months having signed on big ticket companies reaching out to more than 286,000 students 1250 colleges 19 states!

Check it out at

Get the Best in Hosting and Web Development Services


i2k2 Networks unleashes the power of Internet to business houses worldwide by providing superior leading-edge technologies to Host, Design and Develop high-quality websites and web applications.

Hosting Solutions
  • Fully Managed Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers / VPS Servers
  • Corporate Email Solution and Collaboration
  • Enterprise solution with Clustered / Cloud Network
Web Design, Application Development & Corporate Presentation
  • Website Designing, Web Based Application
  • CMS & Internet Application Development
  • E-commerce Application / Portal Development
  • Flash Presentations
Internet Marketing Services
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Affiliate Marketing, PPC Campaigns
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The distinctive blend of leading technologies, products and a consultative approach to customer service is the reason why hundreds of small and Medium-sized businesses trust us with their corporate needs. i2k2 extensive experience and capabilities assures customers with high quality and economical business solutions.

Check out

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Leverage IP to Scale to the Next Level

Rendering advice and to be available for any advice needed in the event of any problem cropping up on issues relating to IPR is the first and primary responsibility of the company. Industrial operations involve a highly technical area of science and technology with innovative steps at its core that need to be protected and, on the other side, are the stringent legal provisions to fortify intellectual property rights that flow like invisible threads tucked with multifarious strings of these technical activities. It needs quite a talent, sharpened through training and experience, to locate and strengthen them so that all strings move together to provide the organization an ascending thrust. It is not everybody’s cup of tea. It is only a dye hard professional consultant company like Sanshadow that can ensure results consistent with interests of the client organization.
Check out Sanshadow at

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This is a forum for entrepreneurs and professionals to connect, learn and grow with each other. The objective of this blog is to give you access to relevant resources, business opportunities and networking opportunities to enhance your entrepreneurial and professional lives.

About Author:

Digbijoy has a wide ranging experience across diverse sectors, initially started his career in education marketing with reputed educational institutes and then subsequently joined the advertising and events industry to execute several projects including a state election campaign for a national party, conceptualizing and running a restaurant chain in Delhi and several other projects.

He joined the Delhi chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE Delhi), where he worked for over 3 years and drove various key initiatives like mentoring, deal flow, marketing, sponsorships etc and left his last position as Associate Director of the chapter in 2008 to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. He subsequently joined techTribe- India largest Career Networking platform where he served as director strategic relations and drove unique initiatives and partnerships for building and sustaining community engagement. Post techTribe he co founded an online supplemental education start-up – TenMarks Education INC. which was acquired by in October 2013.

Post TenMarks he lead Ennovent India as its country director which is an innovation accelerator. Ennovent provide services to accelerate innovations for sustainability in low-income markets in developing countries. It specializes in helping clients discover enterprises with novel solutions, develop business models to start-up enterprises, provide finance by facilitating early-stage investments and grow operations to scale profit and impact. Since 2008, Ennovent has worked with over 4,800 Network members, 15 Circle members and 10 Solution clients to accelerate over 80 innovations in 10 countries.

Currently Digbijoy Co-leads the Startup Program for Amazon Internet Services Pvt Ltd enabling the best startups leverage the power of cloud.

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