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SmashUp – Annual Startup Event – Delhi


SmashUP! is inspired by the thought of giving startup entrepreneurs the centre stage in a platform that will converge different stakeholders of the startup ecosystem in India. It will be a giant mashup of creative energy, product showcases, networking opportunities and an insightful agenda which will cover startup issues.


SmashUp - The Annual Startup Event

Why Should You Attend?

Showcase your big idea and make yourself visible in the startup community
Generate real customer feedback through product demos @ SmashUP! Expo
Interact with angels, VC’s and mentors
Network with hundreds of potential partners, customers, team members and more…

SmashUP! atmosphere and format will encourage startups to bond in an informal, open, interactive culture that will enable them to share & collaborate, help them learn from experience & create new ideas.

Agenda – Key Themes
• Power Breakfast: 20 leading CEOs meet budding entrepreneurs to share insights
• Keynote Panel: The Founder’s Dilemma
• StartUP! Marketing: Conjuring a Zero Budget Mega Marketing Campaign
• StartUP! Culture: Superglue that Attracts, Binds and Motivates High Performance Teams
• StartUP! Stories: Marquee entrepreneurs recount their early days of poverty, multitasking, jugaad and everything in between!
• SmashUP! Showcase – Top Shortlisted startups get an opportunity to present their ventures
• Incubate & Accelerate – Interact with leading incubator’s and startup mentors
• StartUP! Funding: Angels & VCs share tips & where they will put their money in 2012

Power Breakfast – SmashUP! agenda starts with a breakfast that will enable entrepreneurs to interact with experienced CEOs/investors/established entrepreneurs in an informal setting.
Confirmed entrepreneurs/CEO include:
- Raman Roy, Quatrro
- Dhruv Shringi,
- Rajesh Agarwal, MicroMax
- Ashish Rajpal, iDiscoveri

SmashUP! Showcase
Provides a platform for startups to gain visibility & attract investor attention apart from accessing mentoring support. Top 8-10 startups selected through an exhaustive shortlisting process will be given this opportunity.

Venue: Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44, Gurgaon
Date: 10th Feb 2012
Time: 9 am – 6 pm

For more details contact Manish / 9971766455

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Startups Across Asia Meeting@SmashUp 2012


TiE Delhi is organizing its annual start up event – Smash UP! which is a giant mash up of creative energy, product showcases, networking opportunities and an insightful agenda covering key start-up issues & challenges. Smashup! Atmosphere and format encourages participants to bond in an informal, open, interactive culture that will enable them to share and collaborate, help them learn from experience and create new ideas.

It will bring together:-
1. New Entrepreneurs, start ups and idea stage entrepreneurs
2. Veteran entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals
3. Angel investors and Venture capitalist
4. Mentors & Advisors

Smashup 2012


This year start ups get a great opportunity to showcase their innovative product and services at stalls being offered at throw away prices:-

1. Stall Size 2 Mts X 2 Mts – INR 5,000/-
2. Stall Size 3 Mts X 4 Mts – INR 10,000/-

To register for the event please click here

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3rd National Rural Summit – Hosted by CII


Ennovent is supporting the upcoming 3rd National Rural Development Summit on “Inclusive Innovations and Strengthening Livelihoods” on 1st and 2nd December 2011 at Symposium Hall, NASC Complex, Pusa, New Delhi, hosted by CII in partnership with Ministry of Panchayati Raj.

The 3rd National Rural Summit has been designed as a unique platform to bring together all stakeholders for achieving below objectives and unlock the potential in rural areas.

-Promoting awareness of the concept of Inclusive Innovation
-Highlighting successes of Inclusive Innovation in various social sectors
-Proposing methods for evaluating the impact of Inclusive Innovation
-Examining the barriers to Inclusive Innovation
-Suggesting strategies for fostering Inclusive Innovation and scaling up

Please note: CII has offered all ‘Ennovent Network members’ the opportunity to attend this event for FREE! There are limited seats available, in case you are interested to attend please post in the comments section.

For more details on this event please click here.

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Must Attend Event – EMERGEOUT 2011 – New age opportunities for software companies!


Unarguably, the next drivers of the Indian Tech Industry will be in the domain of Cloud and Mobile. In the next 5 years, the number of Internet users is expected to increase by three-fold, to a whopping 300 million. This penetration will most certainly include the semi-urban segment which is largely out of the ambit today. Studies indicate, the Cloud Computing Market, which shows a promising 110 Mn USD will touch 1 Bn USD or thereabouts during this time. Likewise 826 Mn Wireless users will expand to 1.2 Bn. All this will happen in the next 5 years. Exciting times await us!

The next wave of GDP, employment and productivity growth is most likely to come from this segment. It will lead to empowerment, as new jobs get created. Internet adoption adds 2.6 jobs for every job lost due to better productivity. It will lead to increased efficiencies as SMBs are likely to benefit the most from SaaS rationalization and availability of raw computing power. Opportunities abound, there are challenges which need to be addressed. Every edition of EMERGEOUT (now in its 8th avatar) has featured new trends – the opportunities, the journey and the roadmap to reach there. This time, the focus is on New age opportunities for software companies via Cloud, Mobile & Social platforms.

Which are the areas that this conference is likely to touch upon?

How do we build an eco-system which will induce young entrepreneurs to start ventures in this domain. Can we showcase enough success stories which will help break down age-old myths. Can we create channels where the individual can touch upon for financial support and not spend an insane amount of time running from pillar-to-post.
How does one scale up? What are the challenges of scaling-up – structurally, technically and financially? We have workshops planned, by some very senior thought leaders to address these issues.
Celebrating Entrepreneurship – how different are tech entrepreneurs from their predecessors.
Experiments with “Sales” – strategies likely to succeed.
Dark side of saying “No” – when and if at all should entrepreneurs walk away from deals? If at all.

These are of course some basic building blocks. Over and above this, we have NASSCOM EMERGE AppFAME Contest. We are looking for cool mobile apps that surprise and delight mobile users. If you have a “rock star” mobile application that is simplifying the life of a customer, helping them save time and become more productive, send your nomination today. The winners will be rewarded at the event.

If you think all this is exciting enough to invest a day of your time, then please register for the 8th EMERGEOUT 2011, New Delhi. After all, August isn’t very far away and we are giving away the early bird discounts.

Register Now

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Upcoming Startup Events – Delhi-NCR


TiE Delhi- NCR is hosting two events this week on the 17th June.

1. Problem Solving Session on Finance!
From start up capital to cash flows, special schemes and managing funds, get all your questions answered. Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and finance experts. In a highly interactive & informal format, Problem Solving Sessions help you discuss the day to day issues you face in running your venture and find solutions through peer to peer dialogue.

When- 17th June 2011
Where- Magnolia, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road
When- 10.00 am – 12.30pm

For more details visit –

2. The Social Media and Mobile: Building future Proof Smart Businesses!

Social Media and Mobile have changed the way businesses today operate. Not only have they made businesses smarter, but also have created a new, better informed and equipped customer.

“If your business is not online and mobile then you sure are losing the edge”

The event will cover the following topics:-

*Leverage the Power of Social Media for your business
*Understand what your consumer wants by studying his online behavior
*Follow key search trends which define your content strategy online

How real time social data can help your business Mobility and Content – your customers are consuming information about your business on Mobile

When- 17th June 2011
Where- Magnolia, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road
When- 3.30 pm – 6.00 pm

For more details visit –

3. Triggr the Products
Will be focusing on Products. Product development and innovation is any company’s best source for competitive advantage. Every company (either a startup or a big organization) is trying to master the art of creation of new products and develop them successfully. Managing a product through its various stages is and has always been a major challenge.

Triggr The Product’ is a unique opportunity for everyone interested in exploring more about Product Management. It is a great way to network, learn about important product management topics and gain knowledge from the India’s leading experts in product management. Some of the confirmed speakers for the event are Gautam Sinha (CTO, BCCL), Vijay Anand (Startup Centre), Arvind Jha (Movico) in addition to product Demo’s from some of the hottest startups in the ecosystem.

When- 18th June 2011
Where- B-113, Sector-65, Noida – 201301
When- 9.00 am – 4.30 pm

For more details –

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Triggr the Mobile – 14th May,2011


We had a complete blast organizing Triggr the Web on 9th April, which saw an amazing turnout of more than 170+ delegates and an equally impressive line up of star speakers. For highlights of the next event you can check the following links:-

Tweets –
Flickr Photos –
Website –

The idea behind these events is to bring together start-up enthusiasts, technologists & professionals to share learning, experiences and connect with each other. Triggr has been founded with a single point agenda to evangelize the start-up & tech ecosystem with a goal of fostering interaction and communication between community members.

Each event is organized with a specific theme and an underlying agenda to drive the theme, for example – Web/Internet, Mobile, MySQL, User-Interfaces/User Experience etc.

Our next edition, Triggr The Mobile is happening on 14th May, 2011 in Noida.The event is open for everyone who cares about opportunities created by Mobile technologies with a special emphasis on Mobile Apps.

Detailed agenda can be viewed on the site, the event is supported by TiE Delhi, NASSCOM EMERGE,, watblog,, Morpheus etc.

So if you know of a great speaker or a real cool app feel free to give your suggestions!!!

Look forward to seeing you@Triggr the Mobile.

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Triggr – The Web 9th April


Last Saturday a bunch of us start up enthusiasts organized an event specifically targeted towards web start ups & the ecosystem. Triggr the web was a great success going by the enthusiastic participation from developers, designers, marketers, product managers & start up enthusiasts who came together to share learning’s, ideas & of course network. Triggr has been founded with a one point mission to evangelize the start-up ecosystem and with it foster interaction and communication between community members.



We were fortunate enough to have a great mix of electrifying speakers spanning product guys, start ups founders, experienced professionals, techies and hackers. It was an awesome experience to see 150 odd folks turn about in the thick of Noida traveling great distances just to be part of the event. The previous week saw several desperate phone calls, emails and twitter mentions from folks who would want to do anything to be part of the event! We were naturally overwhelmed with the response and a bit scared on how we are going to manage it. Fortunately for us the Insta Media office was big enough with multiple floors to host all the 150 delegates that had turned up.. Besides the main hall, we had set up a live TV feed on the first floor and were able to accommodate 30 of the 150 odd folks.

The first session got kicked off on “The UX-Driven Web Application: Creating an Engaging Experience Online” featuring Arun Jha lead designer at Slide Share and Paras Chopra founder of Wingify. The session gave away some key insights on creating an engaging online experience by getting into depths on the kind of users that typically come to websites and what actions we should take to engage with them. Sujoy who is the chief product officer at Mobilous shared insights on the entire product management cycle and how to stream line the entire process. Post which Jay Meattle from shareaholic shared on how they achieved 150 million unique visitors every month to their site. His talk which I was fortunate enough to attend focused on how they reached those magic numbers with shareaholic:-

- Take Part in Competitions – brings you FREE promotion, instant credibility..
- Leverage App Directories
- Partnership With Bigger Brands
- Making Journalists/Blogger s Care – Break exclusive stories, nurture relationships.
- Open up API’s

Jay session was followed By Harpreet Grover’s straight talk right from the heart. His session was entertaining, riddled with several jokes and examples from his entrepreneurial journey. He talked about having the passion, belief and importance of a right team to drive any company forward. He would know what he is talking about since his company Co Cubes is doing INR 1 crore in revenues in just 3 years of operation!!! Post lunch we had Gautam Ghosh share some cool tips and tricks to build an effective social media campaign and Nitin Chowdhary shared some new innovative products/features for online marketing.



The last two sessions saw a product demo on Grexit and Vineet Daniel sharing about effective scaling technologies bringing forth his experience in managing Insta Blogs scale.

You can check out some of the presentations on the slide share link –

All in all it was a rocking event and the feedback has been awesome!!! The next event – Triggr the Mobile is scheduled for the 14th of May, so stay tuned lots of action coming up. If you would like to volunteer or contribute in anyway feel free to reach out to me.

Triggr Team

Triggr Team

If you are looking for some back door action on how we organized the event check out the three post by my good friend and co-organizer Arun at

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Upcoming Events@Delhi


Two events coming up on this Friday -15th April, 2011.

1.TiE Delhi Special Interest Group on Women Entrepreneurs is organizing a session – Problem Solving Session on HR.

The session will take up talent management and human resource issues from motivating employees to performance metrics. The session will feature Deepa Kapil – Tetra Information Services & Ritika Sanghhi – Atlogys Technical Consulting.

For more details and registration info click here

2. Education & Training Insights

The E&T SIG will give you an opportunity to connect with established entrepreneurs & investors in the E&T space and gain insights through interactive, round table discussions.

Each round table discussion will feature one senior entrepreneur/investor/domain expert interacting with a small group of about 6-8 participants making it a highly interactive and focused. There will be limited seats available for the session.

The expert dose of knowledge will be followed by a networking session where you can build relationships & close deals.

The session will focus on the following suggested themes:
E&T Opportunities in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities
Funding scenario in the E&T space, what are the investors bullish on and why
Current regulatory landscape, bypassing bottlenecks and arriving on a legally compliant structure for your education venture
Skill Development – The Next Frontier
Education Technology – Applications to enhance content & learning

For more details and registration info click here

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Kanwal Rekhi – Reasons for the Success & Failure of Businesses!


Creating a successful business is more than just waving a magic wand and hoping to hit a home run. So how does a small company become successful? Contrary to popular belief, the success rate for small businesses isn’t all that bad. The latest statistics show that “two-thirds of new employer establishments survive at least two years, and 44% survive at least four years.” This is a far cry from the previous long-held belief that 50% businesses fail in the first year and 95% fail within five years.

While a lot has been written and debated on the factors that go into making a business successful, we have the privilege of having the master practitioner – Kanwal Rekhi to help us decipher this universal phenomenon and get clear insights which will go a long way in helping our business be a success.

Kanwal Rekhi a serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Venture Capitalist is the Managing Partner at Inventus Capital, an early stage VC fund. He has invested in over 60 start-ups including Exodus Communications, Apptivity, Zietnet, PlaceWare, HealthAtoA NexTag Ambit Design, Versata, Instantis and Sierra-Atlantic. Kanwal is also the founding member of TiE.

Kanwal was awarded the 2010 Haridas and Bina Chaudhuri Award for Distinguished Service in April 2010 by California Institute of Integral Studies. He was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 1987 by the Arthur-Young/Venture magazine. He was named to the Board of Advisors to the President of Michigan Tech and in 1997 was honoured with a doctorate in Business and Engineering.

Join us on the 25th of March, 2011 at PHD Chamber of Commerce as per details below:
Registration: 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Networking Hi-tea: 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Session along with Q&A: 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Delegate Fees:
Members of TiE – Rs 200/-
Non – Members – Rs 300/-

To register please click here

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Triggr – Technology & Startup Event


Check out a new event platform, Triggr The idea behind the event is to bring together start-up enthusiasts, technologists & professionals to share learning, experiences and
connect with each other. Triggr has been founded with a single point agenda to evangelize the start-up & tech ecosystem with a goal of fostering interaction and communication between community members.

The idea behind the event was somewhat inspired from Indus Khaitan’s post on Quora. “In Silicon Valley, pick a day of the week & a topic, you’ll find an event to attend and most likely with free pizza and a
soda. This is missing in India. I don’t want big name conferences held twice a year, rather, weekly mela where people get together, learn a thing or two and go home.“

Each event will be organized with a specific them and an underlying agenda to drive the theme, for example, Web/Internet, Android, MySQL, iPhone, User-Interfaces/User Experience, marketing, business
development etc.

The first event, TRIGGR THE WEB, is happening on 9th April 2011 in Noida. The event is open for everyone who cares about opportunities created by Web technologies.

Logistical Details:

Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Venue: Instamedia Office, B-113, Sector 65, Noida
Date: 9 April 2011 (Saturday)
Twitter Hash Code:#ttw (Trigger The Web)

Agenda: Triggr the Web will showcase talks and presentations on various stages of a web start up from the phase of idealization, to product development, creating first buzz, building community, measuring
success and performance and scaling.

For the detail agenda and registration please click on

* There is no fees for registration but you need to register online.

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