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Venture Capitalist Take on Networking


Great tips and templates in order to succeed in Networking by Chris Fralic.HIs Fralic’s seven rules for making memorable connections
‘Add value in conversations’ is typical advice. This means making sure people walk away with a new idea, referral, intro, etc. But Fralic has found imparting energy to be even more important than sharing new information. To do this, follow these seven rules:

1. Convey genuine appreciation.
2. Listen with intent.
3. Use humility markers.
4. Offer unvarnished honesty.
5. Blue-sky brainstorm.
6. End every meeting or conversation with the feeling and optimism you’d like to have at the start of your next conversation with the person.
7. Don’t fake it till you make it.

Read complete article here

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Closing the Loop on what you Commit!


My friend Paritosh Pathak has touched upon an important topic when it comes to building long term relationships and strong networks – the aspect on “Closing the Loop”. In his words he says in the area of networking effectively, whether it is building new relationships or strengthening the existing ones, communication plays a very vital role. Communication is quite a big topic in itself and in this blog we are going to talk about one small part of it. There is no real name for it but I call it ‘The Loop’.

A loop is opened when we commit that we are going to do something or when we are involved in something where there is naturally an action required by us.

For example he further illustrates
When you commit to a person that you will introduce them to someone, you open a Loop and when you connect with them you close the loop. When you receive an email to which you are required to reply, a loop is opened and when you reply you close the loop.

The point is well taken even if you don’t have the time to do what you committed atleast get back to the person with an acknowledgement or an apology.

Read his full post here

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Structure Your Networking!


The other day I was chatting with my good friend Paritosh Pathak (Networking Guru) on how we can do effective networking. One of the things that clearly dawned on me was while we shout from roof tops on how we want to network more effectively or expand our network how many of us willing to spend the time and resources to do our homework?

If you truly want to expand your network you need to work at it! People who have wonderful networks have invested considerable amount of time and effort to not only expand and connect with people but significant amount of time in maintaining relationships. Its the retention of the networks which is key and in a very hectic and transaction driven world this becomes even more of a bigger challenge.

Paritosh believes and I can’t agree more with him that you need to set yourself a weekly networking time budget. It could be from an hour to how much ever you like for it to be. Then make sure that you exhaust your networking time budget even if there is no networking event. Don’t limit yourself to networking at events, go meet your clients, your prospects, have a coffee with those with whom you couldn’t close business, meet an advisor.

The second tip that Paritosh offers is to Strategize! Beginning of every week, strategize who are you going to meet this week. Plan the conversations that you are going to have and what value can you create for them. Plan ahead and fix meet at least a few days in advance so that you know how you week is looking like.

I would recommend you check out Paritosh’s Blog and if you need serious strategic advice – you should definitely connect with him.

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TiE Institute – Lessons from Session on Effective Networking


We recently hosted an interesting TiE Institute Session on “Networking” aptly titled Network to Succeed – The Do’s & Don’t of Effective Networking.

The session was anchored by Paritosh Pathak from “The Influence Gurukul” who is a strategic Networking Coach. Couple of key lessons I picked up from the session which are extremely relevant to us as entrepreneurs or professionals.

- All things being equal people do business with people they know, like & trust. I can’t agree with this more most of my working life wherever I have seen success in new deals, assignments or just plain support is from folks who have liked me & trusted me. So key lesson here is building your credibility.

- Listen before you talk – We all love to talk and especially about ourselves and what we have achieved. However do we take a moment to understand what the other person is sharing, or is interested in? You cannot network effectively if you don’t listen,

- Contribute More than Take – Another key lesson, the key to networking is to ensure you give value to people, your community, your stakeholders or simply folks who you are meeting for the first time. Networking is not about pushing your agenda its about nurturing effective relationships :)

- Invest in Networking – This one was an eye opener for me too? How many of us actually block time to network? We are not talking about attending events but simple things like looking up at your phone list and calling your old connections.

- Make a good pitch – Especially at an event, you want to be remembered given that there are so many people and you want to create an impression. For example Paritosh shared he had attended a networking event many years ago and a gentleman on being asked what he does said “I deliver everything except bombs and babies” – I guess we can all guess he was a courier guy.

- Following Up post an Event – Follow up is critical it should be simple, no pitching but a gentle reminder on what you do and the promise to keep in touch :)

These were some of the key learning’s from the session in case you want more details I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Paritosh Pathak at

One great place to practice your networking skills and make those very important connections for your business is at TiE Delhi’s 13th annual flagship event TiEcon Delhi 2013. More details here-

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Networking mantras 101 – Ivan Misner


Some cool pointers from the “Master of Networking” – Ivan Misner in an interview with Shreya Ray (Mint)

Key insights from the interview:-

Diversify your networks. Most businessmen are cave dwellers. They live in a cave (their home), they drive in their car to work, which are also caves. They need to go out, diversify and network. Join the local chamber of commerce, or the Koala Club, and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Follow the 12/12/12 rule, which is about how you appear in your network.

How do you appear from 12ft away (do you come across as positive or negative), 12 inches away (up close), and what are the first 12 words you say, which also means what is your USP. A really great USP is that of the Referral Institute (Misner’s training institute): “We help people work less, make more money.” It instantly gets people asking: How do you do that? That’s a great USP then. Third, know the difference between farming and hunting.

In the end as Ivan puts it – Networking is all about cultivating relationships; people often confuse direct selling with networking. They go to networking events and pounce on people. What they need to do is
follow the VCP process: visibility, credibility and profitability. First they know you, then they know what you are capable of, and then they give you work. And if you want to be a successful networker, you must follow these steps.

For the complete interview click here

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Triggr the Mobile – 14th May,2011


We had a complete blast organizing Triggr the Web on 9th April, which saw an amazing turnout of more than 170+ delegates and an equally impressive line up of star speakers. For highlights of the next event you can check the following links:-

Tweets –
Flickr Photos –
Website –

The idea behind these events is to bring together start-up enthusiasts, technologists & professionals to share learning, experiences and connect with each other. Triggr has been founded with a single point agenda to evangelize the start-up & tech ecosystem with a goal of fostering interaction and communication between community members.

Each event is organized with a specific theme and an underlying agenda to drive the theme, for example – Web/Internet, Mobile, MySQL, User-Interfaces/User Experience etc.

Our next edition, Triggr The Mobile is happening on 14th May, 2011 in Noida.The event is open for everyone who cares about opportunities created by Mobile technologies with a special emphasis on Mobile Apps.

Detailed agenda can be viewed on the site, the event is supported by TiE Delhi, NASSCOM EMERGE,, watblog,, Morpheus etc.

So if you know of a great speaker or a real cool app feel free to give your suggestions!!!

Look forward to seeing you@Triggr the Mobile.

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TiE Delhi -Member Mixer Networking Event 18th March, 2011


TiE Delhi-NCR is hosting its First Member Mixer for the year 2011, a series of networking events that will help members and partners connect in a relaxed, no-agenda format aimed only at networking. It’s a great way to meet fellow TiE members from Delhi & NCR and explore potential business partnerships.

The member mixer is scheduled as per the details below:
Venue – Amaltas Hall, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Date & Time – March 18th, 2011, 4:00pm – 6.00pm
Dress code – Casuals

Participation is complimentary for TiE Members & Rs.500/- for non TiE Members.

For registrations visit the link :-

Most important – Remember to carry your business cards!

Hope to see you there…

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Role of Alumni in Networking


I think for building or doing good networking it always helps to have a good context or a background. It could be in the form of an event, a reference from a friend or a business associate or even your Dad’s best friend!!!

The point being for building meaningful relationships with someone new, it always helps to ride on a common platform! In my personal experience one of the networks which has always come in handy and I must confess, I’m still to realize its full potential is the Alumni Network. So whether its the alumni of your school, college or any other training institute that you have been part off. Connecting and re-connecting with your alumni members can go a long way in building meaningful relationships and fulfilling some of your networking objectives.

So why Alumni? Members of any Alumni network always have a special emotional connect with the institute and the folks who have been part of it. Alumni network’s bring to the table an extremely interesting group of people spanning divers backgrounds and careers. At my school alumni events I have meet investment bankers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, corporate honchos, actors, creative folks and the list goes on and on…

So how can you re-connect with your Alumni and actually build long term relationships??

- Start with your batch mates, reconnect with them on face book and linkedin. Not much effort and lots of relevant folks to connect with :)

- Search for existing alumni groups of your institutes on linkedin or face book join them and participate on those groups.

- Build a strong connection with your institute, figure out what’s going on there, what does the institute need? Is it guest lectures, events, funding/grants etc. Post these updates on the linkedin group or facebook page.

- Try to organize alumni meets or events, get other volunteers from your batch and try an organize and annual alumni if not be done already. Being in the fore front of organizing alumni meets is a great way to be recognized for your efforts and be the face of the alumni network.

- If a group does not already exist for your batch or for your institute. Create one on linkedin/Face book and start by inviting your batch mates, ask them to spread the word and get others on the group. If you are quick and can build up a community which is fast and engaging you will be the King!!

In short explore your “Alumni Network”, you will be surprised to know what folks are up to and how much they have accomplished. And you don’t have to be part of an IIT/IIM pedigree to have an excellent alumni network!

No matter what phase of life or what kind of help you need, chances are there will be someone in your alumni who you can connect with :) I must add however a word of caution, for any successful networking or attempt to build a relationship don’t always push your own agenda. See how you can help others and trust me you will be rewarded, as they say do your “Karma”.

So go ahead do your “Karma” for your alumni and reap the rewards…

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Gregory Schnese – On Stop Networking and Start Building Relationships


Gregory Schnese has put a lot in perspective when it comes to networking, simply loved his insights!

He says creating working relationships should be the goal of networking, not meeting as many people – ring a bell somewhere :)

He further elaborates at traditional networking events and online networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn, the focus is simply connecting you with as many people as possible. We need to shift our networking goals from numbers and volume to quality and relationships. After all, the point of networking is to connect yourself with others who can help you, as well as you help them. Relationships, communication and trust are fundamental for this. Simply exchanging business cards doesn’t build communication or trust.

I have personally seen this at the many networking events I have organized as part of TiE.  I have witnessed time again  folks just go about collecting business cards as if its some sort of currency. By simply collecting or exchanging business cards effective networking cannot happen!

According to John G. Ango, an executive business coach:

“The formula for success = your human capital (what you know) times your social capital (who you know) times your reputation (who trusts you).”

When you build relationships you are increasing your social capital and reputation. You may even build your human capital too because you can learn a lot through your relationships.

So what’s the BIG lesson – “It’s All About Relationships and how you can nurture them”

Read his complete post here

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How Linkedin Works?


One of my all time favorite videos on “How LinkedIn Works”….

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