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Key to Relationships – Trust Capital


Key to business networking and networking in general is building long term relationships. While there are many things which go in maintaining long term relationships, one of the key things that I want to focus on in this post is a concept that I recently got acquainted too – “Trust Capital”.

I have always been a firm believer in building & nurturing long term relationships both personal and professional. While the ground rules of any long term relationship is that it is always two ways and can never be one sided. At times we as humans, do get a little selfish and are always looking to fulfill our own short term agenda. I’m sure it sounds familiar to most of us and is perfectly natural since we are human beings and we not only need to survive but also excel in whatever we do. The big question then is how does one come out of this short term transactional based relationships, wherein you scratch someone’s back and they scratch yours in return to building and nurturing a more long term relationship based on trust and no AGENDA?

Somewhere recounting my own experience at TiE Delhi where I spent a good 3 years. I was able to go beyond viewing my working relationships with members based on some transactions to something far more engaging and longer term. I made a huge personal effort to help my fellow members connect, learn
and interact from each other. In the three years that I spent in TiE I was able to help, connect and support countless members for their various business requirements i.e. business, mentoring, funding, clients etc and all this without fulfilling my agenda!

So why did I do it? Actually at that time I was not sure, one of the main reasons that comes to my mind was that I had been blessed with a platform and I was here to serve. Well going beyond the very noble or spiritual causes, because surely I’m human and I have my own personal ambitions and needs there has to be something more. That something more was my quest to build up “Trust Capital”. So trust capital in my experience is the ability for an individual to help others without asking for anything in return except the other person’s trust!

This phenomenon of building the other person’s trust in you and the fact that you are doing something for them and not trying to fulfill your own personal agenda is what I called “Trust Capital”. My friend who is an extremely successful entrepreneur/investor coined this new found concept for me, little did I know that I was following this practice relegiously all these years!

The other benefit of building trust capital is that you invariably enhance and build your personal brand! I was at a session conducted by Anand Pillai (HCL) he mentioned that the key to building your personal brand is not around your achievements but around the impact that you leave on people.

So overall trust capital has bigger dividends then just short term exchange or transactions. Take a pause look around in your life and you will be able to see that there are so many people in your network friends, family, colleagues etc whom you can help without much effort. And mind you I’m not talking charity here, I’m talking more in terms of building solid relationships which are not based on any agenda short or long term but purely on trust – “Trust Capital”. Over the years and if you are willing to invest for the long term, I can assure that building “Trust Capital” on the right relationships will reap you heavy dividends in the future – it always does :)

EventuallyWhile this is something that I have been doing I meet up recently with a very successful entrepreneur/angel investor where he elaborated more about this trust capital. Its an investment that you make in a business relationship

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BNI India – Largest Referral Organization for Business


Couple of days ago, I was invited to the BNI- Gurgaon chapter networking meet. So while it was scheduled at 7.30 am an unearthly hour especially for those of us who burn the mid – night oil every night, night after night.

I must confess I was impressed with the facilitated networking framework and structure they had created. The whole principal is based on helping businesses create more word of mouth business and referrals. The networking meet was held at a prominent club at Gurgaon for the first 15 minutes you have a free flowing networking where you meet a whole bunch of people from varied businesses and professions, much like the normal networking you would do at events.

However after this is the interesting part – everyone sits on one table which includes BNI members and visitors. Each person on the table is giving 60 seconds to talk about themselves and their business, including highlighting the kind of referrals they are seeking. The idea being that everyone else notes down details about your business, referral needs and further refers prospective customers from their network.

So the whole concept revolves around promoting each others business in their network, there are no commissions or fees involved and the only reason members are there is for business.

BNI on its part charges a nominal annual membership fees – they also run other training programs on leadership, communication etc.

While I have been part of several networking forums and organized several large scale events, what I liked about this platform was that everyone exactly knew what the other person was doing. BNI on its part also tracks the volume of business generated within its network.

For more details check out

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