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An App to Aid in Networking – Handshake Business Networking


You just came to attend an industry events ready to network. In the crowd around you at the event, there are potential co-founders, investors, or a tech guru. But how do you find and meet them?

Well, now there is an app for that Handshake allows you to scan all the people around, zoom in on who you should meet, quickly research their profile before you approach them, and automatically record meetings and exchange cards.

What is it?
Handshake is an app for the business networker, combining the power of a business card with location-sensitive discovery across your social network. Unlike traditional business cards or social networking sites, Handshake lets you present your brand powerfully; provides rich context when you meet someone, by showing shared contacts and meeting history; and lets you discover your contacts currently present in your vicinity.

Handshake enables you to stand-out in the crowd and:
• Be discovered as a mentor or start up-CXO,
• Find a co-founder or angel investors,
• Find and catch-up with a contact you have not seen in a while,
• See who that stranger next to you is, and who you know in common,
• Study a person’s profile before you walk up and say hello.
Experience the power of location-based data-driven social discovery!

Enrich your Networking
Handshake allows you to discover relevant people also open to connecting, currently in your location. It enriches your networking by mining your already existing social networks – LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, as well as to grow your network by discovering more people you should meet and know. Further, the App shows you common contacts, interests and affiliations — to enable you to find bridges to help initiate and further a discussion. You will always have a better context when you meet someone next time.

Please note that the App will display only publically available information.

How it Works
Handshake is a cross-platform app. At conferences, airports, and other crowded locations, it allows you to find people you might wish to meet, and who are also open to networking. Push f a button to get to know more about the person you are meeting, including common social contacts and affiliations (such as company, school, or professional association). Exchange your smart business card with others, automatically record meeting history, and manage your contacts easily across all your devices.

Download the App on Google Playstore or IOS – Just search for Handshake Business Networking

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TenMarks Acquisition by


Its a matter of great pride and privilege to share that a start-up that I was part of as a core team member has been acquired by :)

Amazon has announced plans to snap up online education company TenMarks. The company offers an online math curriculum currently, and Amazon VP of Kindle Dave Limp says that together, “Amazon and TenMarks intend to develop rich educational content and applications, across multiple platforms, that we think teachers, parents and students will love.”

TenMarks was founded in 2008 and has raised debt funding several times over the last few years. Its most recent raise came in September of 2011, when it snagged $3M from Catamount Ventures and Birchmere.

TenMarks is a service that lets teachers specify math skill levels or concepts to cover and then develop personalized curriculums it calls ‘playlists’. TenMarks Math is a free product for teachers that it says has been used across ‘tens of thousands’ of schools.

“Amazon and TenMarks share a commitment to developing easy-to-implement solutions for schools and families,” Rohit Agarwal, TenMarks co-founder said in a statement today. “We currently offer teachers, students and parents access to effective resources to foster the vision of the Common Core curriculum in math, including scalable professional development and tools for connecting with parents. We back this belief with our business model, where teachers can register and access our product for free, while being able to opt in for premium features, if needed. Going forward, we believe Amazon and TenMarks will create significant innovations in the K-12 arena.”

Read the story here –

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TiEcon Delhi – Deal Flow Results


Deal Flow Top 9 Companies

Deal Flow

The recently held TiEcon Delhi was definitely a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit in full force. With more than 1000+ attendees it was the mecca of all entrepreneurship events especially in North India. I was fortunate to be on the organizing committee and came back with lots of leanings, fun and of course credible relationships and a more expanded network!

I had earlier posted about the Deal Flow Session@TiEcon Delhi, we saw close to 80+ applications of which eventually nine made it to the final shortlist. The nine companies presented to a full attendance of over 30+ investors comprising of Angels and VCs. Given below is a summary of the nine companies and the awesome work they are involved in!

Koozba Technologies Pvt Ltd is a unique Job Portal for Fresh Graduates using Video Resume as its main USP, along with other features such as Online Assessment Tools and Professional Networking.

Education Valley
Education Valley is a Stanford-IIM alumni led talent development company that partners with academic institutions of higher learning to deliver high quality relevant courses, developed by leading academics and practitioners, to improve the quality, delivery and outcome of education and thus increase employ ability.

United Villages

United Villages uses mobile based applications to distribute consumer products in small villages in rural Rajasthan. They are currently servicing close to 3,000 retailers in around 800 villages spread over 8 districts of Rajasthan.

Mygrahak Shopping Online Limited is an online grocery & food portal to cater to the customers of Delhi & NCR, MyGrahak aims to extend the world class service to Top 4 cities of India by 2015. With customer at the core of all activities, MyGrahak is a firm that has changed the nature of consumer retail from ‘transactional sales’ to ‘sales through relationships’ through its loyalty program and service mechanism.

They are a Brand Consulting & Solutions firm for Small & Medium Retail Brands in Delhi/ India. Creating India’s first B2B Platform of Providing Service & Product Deals for Daily Deals Websites (E commerce), VAS and Telecom Companies.

Travel Triangle allows multiple travel agents to bid online to meet the travel needs of our customers. When a traveler submits his trip request, he receives 4-5 competing quotes from travel agents best suited to his requirements. Travelers have access to user ratings, location information and previous deals sold by each travel agent participating in the bidding process.

Identity Safe
The business is based on reducing online fraud by providing a secure biometric payment gateway-Identity safe. This would help in reducing credit card data thefts and online e-commerce frauds around the globe.

Indrion Technologies

Indrion Technologies (Indrion,, has a mission of enhancing quality of life through embedded, context sensitive, intelligent automation, realized through wireless-sensor-actuator-control networks solutions. Indrion’s (patent pending) offerings include systemic solutions, embedded hardware (box level, board level), embedded software (Algorithms, Stacks, interfaces, analysis). Indrion’s business model comprises of – volume product selling, solution deployment, licensing, royalties. Indrion is currently delivering B2B Infrastructure Automation through – Next Generation Building Management Systems, Ambient Intelligence, Utility metering and Smart Grid ready premises & consumption points.

BIRetail Ltd

BIRetail is a software company that offers a niche Business Intelligence (BI) product focused at the Retail industry. It is the only pure play “Retail-ready” Business Intelligence Rated by RETAILER magazine amongst the “Top Retail Vendors to watch for” in 2010 and in 2011. Ranked #2 by Silicon India magazine in the list of “Most promising IT companies in India” solution available in a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model. The product was developed over 2 years and was released in India in 2010. Since then it has already secured 25+ customers.

P.S. In case you would like to connect with any of these companies please feel to write in!

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Lessons on Building Successful Startups – Paul Graham


Paul Graham puts it together beautiful – the answers to the most pertinent questions asked by most entrepreneurs. What does it take to build a successful startup?? Well the answer boils down to just three things….

1. Good People – Yes importance of a great team is absolutely essential to build a successful company. Remember the age old saying an A play with a B team is worse of than a B plan and an A team.

2. Make something that customers actually want – Put in the research and effort in understanding your potential customers by talking to them, interacting with them and learning from them. Ultimately whether its a service or a product its the customer who is the source of our bread and butter! If you are building a product company ship beta releases get feedback, make changes and then ship.

3. Money! – You need funding to build your company there is no getting away from that, but plan it out. Bootstrapping or raising seed money is the way to go initially until you have build a beta version. Today first generation entrepreneurs have plenty of options of funding whether its debt, angel or even early stage venture capital.

Paul Graham in his article “How to Start a Startup” illustrates what it takes to build a successful startup – a must read!

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