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Company Focus – Kleeto Document Management System


I recently caught up with Sunil Mahajan of Kleeto – a document management company.They target both individuals and organizations who find it difficult to manage and find their documents on time. Kleeto provides an effective solution where they secure, digitize and make all our documents accessible online through secure centralized access. While it looks good in theory does it actually work and why would folks like you and me actually risk our precious (non – replaceable docs) with a third party?

Sunil elaborates 3 top reasons, why customers today are choosing Kleeto:-


1. One of my main concerns of course revolved around the security of my documents. Sunil explained that they place utmost premium on security of the documents. Typically documents are constantly exposed to the various risks arising out of theft, fire, loss, memory, termites, dust, moisture and even kids at home. However Kleeto takes all the possible steps via a multiple level access control to prevent damage to those precious documents and stores them in an extremely secure environment with 24X7 monitoring.


2. One big hassle for all of us is finding the right documents just when you need them. Invariably we are always hunting for documents and draw blank when we really need them. With kleeto, you will not have to search in vain for a document anymore; just remembering your password will do. They pick up the documents from your home, index them for you, store them for you, scan them for you, retrieve them for you and deliver them to you whenever and wherever you need them.


3. Why is it smart? Because with Kleeto, all your documents are accessible anytime and virtually anywhere. Sharing documents can be done electronically; no need for photocopying or couriering anymore. Searching docs becomes a matter of seconds thanks to painstaking indexing, saving your precious time. Smartness translates to access with single view rather than running to different lockers/closets to just have a look at something as essential as your own documents – hmm this does make sense doesn’t it?

I think the true test for any service or product is when you have used it. So yes I signed up for the service a two weeks ago and I must say was pleasantly surprised with the my overall experience with Kleeto. Whether its the efficiency of the product i.e. online management tool from which you can monitor your documents and place service requests or the call center support and the efficiency with which the logistics are managed!

So whether you are an organization or an individual take a test drive with Kleeto and make your life a wee bit simpler :)

For more details you can visit their website –

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