Network to Succeed

Network to Succeed.

TiE Institute – Lessons from Session on Effective Networking


We recently hosted an interesting TiE Institute Session on “Networking” aptly titled Network to Succeed – The Do’s & Don’t of Effective Networking.

The session was anchored by Paritosh Pathak from “The Influence Gurukul” who is a strategic Networking Coach. Couple of key lessons I picked up from the session which are extremely relevant to us as entrepreneurs or professionals.

- All things being equal people do business with people they know, like & trust. I can’t agree with this more most of my working life wherever I have seen success in new deals, assignments or just plain support is from folks who have liked me & trusted me. So key lesson here is building your credibility.

- Listen before you talk – We all love to talk and especially about ourselves and what we have achieved. However do we take a moment to understand what the other person is sharing, or is interested in? You cannot network effectively if you don’t listen,

- Contribute More than Take – Another key lesson, the key to networking is to ensure you give value to people, your community, your stakeholders or simply folks who you are meeting for the first time. Networking is not about pushing your agenda its about nurturing effective relationships :)

- Invest in Networking – This one was an eye opener for me too? How many of us actually block time to network? We are not talking about attending events but simple things like looking up at your phone list and calling your old connections.

- Make a good pitch – Especially at an event, you want to be remembered given that there are so many people and you want to create an impression. For example Paritosh shared he had attended a networking event many years ago and a gentleman on being asked what he does said “I deliver everything except bombs and babies” – I guess we can all guess he was a courier guy.

- Following Up post an Event – Follow up is critical it should be simple, no pitching but a gentle reminder on what you do and the promise to keep in touch :)

These were some of the key learning’s from the session in case you want more details I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Paritosh Pathak at

One great place to practice your networking skills and make those very important connections for your business is at TiE Delhi’s 13th annual flagship event TiEcon Delhi 2013. More details here-

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Digbijoy has a wide ranging experience across diverse sectors, initially started his career in education marketing with reputed educational institutes and then subsequently joined the advertising and events industry to execute several projects including a state election campaign for a national party, conceptualizing and running a restaurant chain in Delhi and several other projects.

He joined the Delhi chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE Delhi), where he worked for over 3 years and drove various key initiatives like mentoring, deal flow, marketing, sponsorships etc and left his last position as Associate Director of the chapter in 2008 to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. He subsequently joined techTribe- India largest Career Networking platform where he served as director strategic relations and drove unique initiatives and partnerships for building and sustaining community engagement. Post techTribe he co founded an online supplemental education start-up – TenMarks Education INC. which was acquired by in October 2013.

Post TenMarks he lead Ennovent India as its country director which is an innovation accelerator. Ennovent provide services to accelerate innovations for sustainability in low-income markets in developing countries. It specializes in helping clients discover enterprises with novel solutions, develop business models to start-up enterprises, provide finance by facilitating early-stage investments and grow operations to scale profit and impact. Since 2008, Ennovent has worked with over 4,800 Network members, 15 Circle members and 10 Solution clients to accelerate over 80 innovations in 10 countries.

Currently Digbijoy Co-leads the Startup Program for Amazon Internet Services Pvt Ltd enabling the best startups leverage the power of cloud.

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